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What does your car need?

Attention 2 Detailing provides individual detailing services for your interior or exterior. We also provide money saving packages designed to clean, polish, protect and maintain your vehicle's appearance for less.

Gold Package

Our ultimate 19-step package cleans, polishes, protects, rejuvenates and beautifies your vehicle’s every nook and cranny – using custom formulated high-performance products, restoring your vehicle to “Like New” condition.

Value of $436

Silver Package

This 14-step package, performed by our highly-trained detailers, using custom formulated high-performance products, treats your vehicle with meticulous attention to detail, leaving your vehicle’s interior and exterior looking and feeling new again.

Value of $297

Bronze Package

Our Bronze package delivers the same high quality attention to the fine details, performed by our highly-trained master detailers, using only custom formulated high-performance products – at a price designed to suit any budget.

Value of $138

Ray Michaels

Interoir Automotive Detailing Services

Does your car require an interior wash, vacuum, shampoo or maybe some leather treatment? Does your vehicle have an odor that just won't seem to go away? Don't worry about it... Attention 2 Detailing provides a large assortment of interior detailing services that will ensure your ride has an interior that will be a pleasure to spend time in.

Nick Barnes

Exterior Automotive Detailing Services

Has your car lost its shine? Maybe you just don't have time to give it a proper wash and wax or you would like to ensure your paint is well protected from the elements long term. Attention 2 Detailing provides a wide assortment of exterior detailing services from a simple hand wash or engine shampoo, to high speed polishing and more.

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